The ensemble was established in 1976 with the name P.A.K.O., it had taken up to the successful work of earlier pupil ´s orchestra and it worked with different members according to their attendance at the Primary School of Art.This ensemble is or amateurish, but thre e is pretension to professional level according to the issues in many competitions. From 1993 this ensemble has worked as PRAKO and it increased his instrumental members of electonic instruments, percussion onstruments and kettledrums so it can set a top foreign ensembles with its sound. PRAKO is obliged to Mr. Stanislav Štěpán, its leader, who is also a techer at Primary School of Art, Klapkova 25, Prague 8. Thanks to his leadership and his own original arrangement of classical and modern compositions the ensemble ´s found next genres of classical and modern music. The specialists especially speak highly of colour and culture of the ensembpe´s sound, which doesn´t look like classic "accordion" ensembles. So it can play the consequential compositions with highest artistic level (Smetana, Dvořák). When the boards had been opened in 1990, the ensemble travelled abroad (Germany, Austria, France, Denmark). The biggest sucess for the ensemble was an attendance at the international competition of accordionic and accordion ensembles in Italy. PRAKO won the second prize (with very powerful competition) when the first prize hadn´t been delivered. It repeated this success after four years at the same place. In March 2002 the ensemble was appreciated by mark "great" during the 2nd Europian festival of accordion ensembles in Prague. The ensemble performs concerts in Prague and also in other cities. It was chosen to record a part of his programme for school´s CD.